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Facta Non Verba Action Not Words

Year 3

Year 3



During the year children in Year 3 will have the opportunity to consolidate basic grammar and punctuation skills and expand on what they already know; dictionary skills are developed.  Reading is an ongoing activity throughout the year, both in school and at home, and we encourage children to read regularly. Pupils will have the opportunity to develop their comprehension skills, again both in class and for homework, learning to answer fully in complete sentences. Spellings are given regularly and tested on a Monday. English homework is given every other day, and must be completed by the following day.


Creative writing is approached through a variety of different genres, e.g. fiction (the works of Roald Dahl in the autumn term), non-fiction (“Kings, Queens and Castles” in the spring term) and poetry (“Superheroes” in the summer term). Any extra work the children do to support work in class is encouraged and praised.



In Year 3 the children will continue to practise their times tables; this will be tested on a Monday, along with their mental maths skills. Pupils will consolidate and develop their knowledge and understanding of place value, comparison of numbers, 2D and 3D shape, money, measurement including time, fractions, handling data and the four basic mathematical concepts of number. Maths homework is given every other day, and must be completed by the following day.


Religious Education:

We follow the “Come and See” scheme, and also look at different festivals and faiths at different times throughout the year.

Science, Geography and History

Pupils in Year 3 will be given Science homework every Tuesday.  This must be completed and handed in by the following Monday.  There will be no weekly History homework set but any extra research on the Ancient Egyptians would be beneficial.  The occasional worksheet may have to be completed.  In the Easter holiday there will be Geography homework set where the children will have to answer a research sheet about Gidea Park, which will involve visits to libraries, scanning the internet, and maybe supervised interviews with members of the older generations that have lived in Gidea Park for a long time.



The children will begin to use a sketchbook, and develop their skills in drawing, mixing colours, using water colours, mixing media and 3D work.


Craft, Design and Technology:

We use a cross curricular approach to this subject, e.g. making 3D shapes using straws and tape, creating a party hat depicting one of Roald Dahl’s story characters, designing and making a new chocolate product and its packaging.


Computing: taught by a specialist teacher on a Wednesday.


Physical Education: taught by specialist teachers – Wednesday and Thursday mornings; swimming on a Tuesday afternoon in the Summer term.


Music: taught by a specialist teacher on Monday and Friday.


Modern Foreign Languages: pupils are given the opportunity to gain an understanding of the French and Italian languages.  They are taught French by their Class Teacher and Italian by a specialist tutor.



Please could you help by ensuring that the children have all the essential equipment at all times as follows:


2 Berol handwriting pens (named)

1 15cm ruler

1 30cm ruler

1 eraser

1 sharpener

2 pencils (named)

A pack of colouring pencils

A small pack of felt tipped pens

1 glue stick


Thank you for your assistance in the above subject areas and if there is ever any problem please feel free to come and see us at any time.

Mrs. Buck and Mrs. Wilkins


Topics 2016-17


Autumn Term

Science: Seed dispersal.  Nutrition.  Skeletons and Muscles.

History: Ancient Egyptians.


Spring Term (first half term)

Science: Forces and Magnets.  Light.

History: Ancient Egyptians continued. Bronze Age.  Iron Age.  Celtic Culture.


Spring Term (second half term)

History: Bronze Age.  Iron Age.  Celtic Culture.


Summer Term 

Science: Rocks.  Plants (function of parts and requirements for growth).

Geography: Capital cities and countries in the United Kingdom. Local Environmental study.