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St Mary's Hare Park


St. Mary’s Hare Park School provides a broad and exciting Geography curriculum which enables our students to become global citizens.  We provide exciting opportunities to build their knowledge about places and people, physical features and human processes as well as map and fieldwork skills.   Our progressive curriculum covers the following strands of skill development: 

  • Geographical knowledge 
  • The UK and local area 
  • The world and continents 
  • Geographical understanding 
  • Physical themes 
  • Human themes 
  • Understanding places and connections 
  • Geographical enquiry 
  • Map and atlas work 
  • Fieldwork and investigation (where possible) 


Humanities Curriculum Map


High aspirations are developed through a variety of independent and collaborative tasks which enable all children to challenge themselves.  Children are given opportunities to share ideas, apply their investigative, problem solving and communication skills, and make cross-curricular links, thereby effectively deepening their understanding of the world around them. 

At St. Mary’s Hare Park School, we want our students to develop a curiosity and respect of the world and its people, and gain knowledge and skills through the use of a variety of resources, such as; atlases, globes, digital maps, aerial maps, immersive 360° mapping technology within the classroom, but also by providing practical experiences and fieldwork opportunities, so that our students can become confident global citizens. 


Geography Skills Progression Map


Geography Policy