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St Mary's Hare Park


At St. Mary’s Hare Park School, we believe that children should gain an understanding of British and World history taught through a variety of themes and through chronological narrative. In this, students will develop a well-rounded knowledge of the past and key events, and are able to make connections and links, thus improving their understanding of the world around them. 

For Key Stage 2, the history curriculum is set out in a chronological narrative in order to allow children to reference the previous events in time and to refer to this prior learning across the key stage, thereby consolidating their learning. 

For Key Stage 1, the history curriculum is taught through a cross-curricular approach to develop an understanding as well as knowledge of certain aspects within their own lifetime and beyond. 


Humanities  Curriculum Map


In order for our students to become historians, we provide challenging, stimulating and progressive lessons which allow them to acquire the necessary skills: 

  • Historical knowledge  
  • Sequencing the past 
  • Constructing the past 
  • Historical concepts 
  • Change and development 
  • Cause and effect 
  • Significance and interpretations 
  • Historical enquiry 
  • Planning and carrying out a historical enquiry 
  • Using sources as evidence 


As well as developing these key skills across our curriculum, St. Mary’s Hare Park School is fully committed to supporting our learners to become independent, confident and successful.  We support children’s high aspirations by liaising with the wider community through a range of workshops, trips and discussions, allowing children to be well-prepared citizens of the future. 


History Skills Progression Map


History Policy