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Online Safety

The Internet is now a key part of children’s lives, enabling them to undertake research for school projects, talk to their friends and access information from around the world. Increasing provision of the Internet in and out of schools brings with it the need to ensure that children are safe. Internet development is constantly evolving into ever more innovative areas with many websites enabling amazing creativity and interaction between peers. Unfortunately though, there are times when Internet use can have a negative effect on children. Schools and parents need to be aware of the potential dangers and take measures to ensure safe usage by all.

At school we take several steps to ensure that children are kept safe while using the internet and electronic communication. We use targeted filtering to prevent access to websites that are not suitable or may be dangerous. Internet access in supervised and we monitor the websites that are accessed. Children are also taught how to use the technology safely so that they can keep themselves safe because they are growing up in a world with a bigger range of online activities than ever before and it is sometimes very hard for both children and adults to know how to stay safe.

The school has a subscription to the national college platform which provides regular information and advice for parents on a number of key online concerns.

Parental Controls

At this time of year, it’s highly possible that your child/children have a new phone, games console or other digital device. This week's National College guide offers advice on establishing parental controls on new internet-enabled devices, from smartphones to laptops to consoles.