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St Mary's Hare Park

Outdoor Classroom App

St Mary's Hare Park School is proud to be involved in trialling a new orienteering app called 'The Outdoor Classroom'. As part of our school vision to incorporate and promote the use of technology towards positive learning goals, the app has added a new dimension to learning outside of the traditional classroom space. 


The Outdoor Classroom - Outdoor learning for all ages


Through our connections and membership with the Havering Sports Collective, we were informed about an exciting new app which was being readied to launch in schools across the country.


The team behind the new app visited the school and with the support of our PE coordinator Mrs Welton tried out the new app for the first time using the school iPads.


Outdoor learning has now taken on a new dimension, with orienteering courses being set for a whole range of cross-curricular areas. 


The promotional video for The Outdoor Classroom app can be viewed below.