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St Mary's Hare Park

School Development Plan 2023/24


The aims of are school are to foster the Christian traditions of the school and to maintain the ethos of caring and consideration for others. 

Our school vision is: ‘To provide within a nurturing and respectful community, a diverse and inspirational learning experience delivered by skilled, passionate staff to motivated pupils. We aim to empower each child towards striving for excellence and fulfilling their full potential,'


The school vision underpins the school development plan which in turn is constructed around three key elements: Unity, Innovation and Excellence. 

Our school development plan is a 'live' document which informs action plans managed and monitored by school and subject leaders. 

All stakeholders connected with St Mary's Hare Park School have a part to play in ensuring that development and improvement is at the heart of school culture and drives us all towards excellence.

To view an overview of the SDP for the academic year 2023/24 please click on the link below: