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St Mary's Hare Park

Statue of Our Lady

The statue of Our Lady (St Mary), which has pride of place in our school garden entrance, was lovingly restored by a dear member of our school community, Sue Felton. Below is an explanation of the details and colours visible on the statue, and their religious significance. 






Mary and Baby Jesus’s Clothes 

In modern Christianity colours are used frequently to represent the differing facets of God’s character. Colours like numbers have significant meaning in the Bible. 


Red - Is the root word for mankind. Red represents the blood of Jesus he spilled on the cross at Calvary 

Blue - Represents the heavens and the word of God 

Yellow - Gold represents the sovereignty of gold. At Jesus’s birth one of the gifts was gold 

Green - Green is the colour of resurrection which we experience in Spring 

White - Referred to as holiness, light, purity, redemption and the righteousness of Jesus Christ 


The Gems in Mary’s Crown 


Ruby - The ruby is deemed to be the most precious of gem stones by the Bible and divine creativity 

Emerald - Balanced, harmony, life and vitality. The Emerald signifies nature and new beginnings 

Also for renewal and health to ground us 

Blue Sapphire - Is regarded as a show of mental focus and order. Associated with deep spirituality and devotion, it is thought to bring peace and contentment to one’s soul 


(References from Christianity.com )