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Important e-Safety Information for Parents/Carers: Google+


The minimum age requirement to own a Google account in the UK is 13.  A Google account is not just an email service; it also offers video chat, live messaging, a YouTube channel and blogging amongst other features. This is called Google+.  It is essential that the correct safety settings are applied. If not, it can leave everything they do or say open to the entire web. It is therefore essential to safeguard children that parents/carers fully understand the risks involved. offers an excellent guide to using Google+ in a safer way that will help to protect children from damaging conduct, contact and content. It was written for parents of teens.



Here's a reminder of some tips for staying safe online:


ALWAYS use a made-up name.


ALWAYS use a picture for your avatar that is not of your face.


ALWAYS have ‘friends’ online who you know as friends in real-life.


ALWAYS offer a general location or better still, none at all: never your school or street.


ALWAYS think about your digital footprint: anything you comment on now could be searched in a few years by a college or employer. What would they think of you?


ALWAYS switch off comments on YouTube in your settings. If you post something interesting, then it’s the number of views you get that counts anyway.


ALWAYS behave online as you would in real life.



The Golden Rule - If you are worried, talk to an adult at home or school, or search CEOP and press the Report Abuse option.



Pan European Game Information - PEGI OK Label


Many websites and online services contain small games and in order to cover this rapidly growing segment, the PEGI OK label was devised. When a small online game on a website has been labelled ‘PEGI OK’, it means that the game can comfortably be played by players of all age groups because it does not contain any potentially unsuitable game content.


The PEGI OK label


A PEGI OK label indicates that the strict PEGI rating criteria have been applied and it has been ascertained that there is nothing in the game that would lead to a higher rating than the standard 3+ category.


The operator of a website or games portal is permitted to use the PEGI OK label based upon a declaration made to PEGI that the game does not contain any material that requires a formal rating.


To qualify for the PEGI OK label a game can NOT contain any of the following elements:


  • violence
  • sexual activity or sexual innuendo
  • nudity
  • bad language
  • gambling
  • promotion or use of drugs
  • promotion of alcohol or tobacco
  • scary scenes



Should the game contain any of these elements, the game must be age rated using the standard PEGI rating system. The game will then receive a regular PEGI rating (3, 7, 12, 16 or 18) consisting of an age rating label and content descriptor(s). The same applies in case the casual game can be downloaded onto a consumer’s computer.


For more information visit:

e-Safety Links to vodafone Digital Parenting publications:


This link will give you access to a range of digital magazines, published by Vodafone, designed to empower parents in helping their children make the most of the digital technology whilst staying safe on-line.



Other useful links:


Child Internet Safety digital magazine - Empowering parents, protecting children


eSafety - The adventures of Smartie the Penguin


eSafety Digiduck's Big Decision An online publication by Childnet aimed at the 3-7 age group. A story about friendship and responsibility online.