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Update on 11+ Selection Process

As you may be aware, the Essex CSSE 11+ examination, as well as those of other counties, took place at the beginning of the academic year. At this point in the term, the children who have sat the 11+ are awarded an examination result. This projected result is actually a guideline which indicates whether a student has achieved the required Pass Mark. From this information the family, with our support, are able to gauge which Grammar School may be likely to offer a place to an individual child. We at St Mary’s Hare Park have the added challenge, however, as the vast majority of our Year 6 entrants live outside the designated catchment area and are, therefore, required to achieve a much higher pass mark in order to attain a Grammar School place. From the information we have formally received to date, it appears that an outstanding success rate has again been achieved by our Year 6 students this year. Our success rate stands at 92%, impressive even before taking into consideration the added challenge regarding the catchment area. Our children’s pass rates this year are, in fact, of such a high level that we anticipate multiple Grammar School offers being awarded by the deadline in March of this academic year. We are delighted to have received such an excellent result, which is an outstanding achievement by our pupils. Thank you to all our parents/carers who support us in meeting the selective school entry challenge each year. A special thank you goes to our teaching staff in supporting the preparation of the children towards these important examinations