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St Mary's Hare Park Primary School and Nursery

Facta Non Verba Action Not Words


Reception Topics  2020 - 2021


Autumn Term

All about me; Our senses; Nursery Rhymes.


Celebrations including Bonfire Night, Diwali,  Harvest and Christmas.


Spring Term

Traditional Stories and Rhymes

Chinese New Year

Looking at Different Animal Environments (Farm, Zoo, Sea, Jungle, Pet)

New life - Easter - spring


Summer Term

People who help us




N.B. Topics may be liable to change in relation to children's interests.


Religious Education: Come and See Scheme:

Myself, Welcome, Birthday, Celebrating, Gathering, Growing, Good News, Friends, Our World.


Communication and Language

The children will develop speaking, listening and attention skills, helping them gain confidence in speaking within a group or 1:1 to an adult. This will develop their understanding of language and comprehension skills   Books with no words in further develops confidence and understanding of how to tell a story.  Introducing phonics further develops knowledge with single sounds and actions.  Using this knowledge to develop handwriting and drawing skills.



The children will develop their mathematics skills by looking at numbers - 1- 10 they will use practical activities to learn to order, make sets, develop number formation and solve mathematical problems. Using mathematical language in play will support the children to learn and explore size, weight, capacity, position, distance, time and money. Comparing quantities and problem solving.