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St Mary's Hare Park Primary School and Nursery

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Reward Schemes

Reward Schemes:


The school has four houses, to which children in the Junior School belong. House Points are awarded for a variety of reasons, including effort, behaviour, attitude, kindness, thoughtfulness, bravery, maturity and attainment.


The accumulation of House Points not only contributes towards the end of year winning House Trophy Award, led by their Year 6 House Captain, but also allows the pupils to work towards individual Achievement Certificates. In this way, the children learn to strive for individual success, whilst supporting recognition of their House, thus learning to become a 'team' as well as an 'individual' player. 


Infant pupils are rewarded in a more spontaneous and immediate way - as befitting their young age - by a series of special certificates, stickers and stars.


In addition to the House and Infant schemes, pupils may also receive special commendations from the Headteacher.  Pupils receive a certificate and special sticker and their names are entered in the Celebration Book kept in the Entrance Area of the School.