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St Mary's Hare Park Primary School and Nursery

Facta Non Verba Action Not Words

Year 2

Year 2

Autumn Term 2020




  1. Capital letters and full stops, letters below the line and how to use joined up writing. Using interesting starters.
  2. Asking questions and how to use question marks and speech marks.
  3. How we use nouns, proper nouns, verbs, adverbs and a variety of joining words.
  4. How we use commas in lists.
  5.  Spellings – Test and practice every week (Following Spelling scheme blends).
  6. Grammar – revise sentence structure: capital letters / full stops / finger spaces.  Introduce use and exclamation marks. Linking sentences with connectives start to add adjectives.
  7. How we use apostrophes for missing letters and for possession.
  8. Fiction – story planning / settings / events / order / characters.
  9. Non-Fiction – use / layout of texts.
  10. Reading – individual and shared reading / reading comprehension.





Revising and consolidating:


  1. Place value and Money, representing 2-digit numbers in different way.
  2. Make amounts and giving change.
  3. Addition / Subtraction – learning and using number facts.
  4. Addition / Subtraction using multiples of 10.
  5. Ordering numbers and number names
  6. Number patterns and doubling numbers.
  7. Money – recognising coins 1p/2p/5p/10p/20p/50p£1,£2 and £5
  8. Money – using 5p/10p/20p to buy/give change.
  9. Counting in 2’s,5’s,10’s,11’s – odd and even numbers.
  10. 2D / 3D shapes – name, use and discuss properties, dividing into halves and quarters
  11. Time – Analogue: o’clock telling the time and units of time, time related problems
  12. Measuring  length ,weight and capacity..
  13. Sorting – introduce Venn diagram.




  1. The Domestic church the family-God’s love and care for every family.– The love and care shown in families.  God’s love and care for every family.


  1. Baptism and Confirmation-the signs and symbols in Baptism. Belonging to different groups.  Baptism is an invitation to belong to God’s family.


  1. Preparation – Advent is a time to prepare for the coming of Jesus.


  1. How do we prepare for Christmas?




Animals including Humans.

Basic needs.

Health and growth.



Black History Month October.

Mary Seacole

Rosa Parks.

Firework night/Guy Fawkes

Poppy Day





Maps, diagrams, globes and aerial photographs.

The United Kingdom.

The study of Scotland the western isles and a comparison to the city of Edinburgh.




Observational drawing linked to - All about me

RE links illustrated through various mediums.

History links illustrating topics with various mediums.

Science link illustrating food types.

Free art:

Using a variety of media to explore and enjoy the creative satisfaction of various art activities –

Paint, collage, cutting, sticking, chalking, colouring, stencilling.

Links to Science:

Autumn pictures – free choice medium to be used.

Links to Guy Fawkes (History):

Winter pictures – free choice medium to be used.

Links to Christmas:

Enjoy a selection of art activities to make cards, decorations and presents.


Design and Technology:


Links to mapping and study of the United Kingdom.

Making a sandwich.

Making a useful object.

Making maps and locating features.

Poppy designs (History):

Design and make Christmas cards, envelopes and decorations.


Computing, P E and Music are planned for, taught and assessed by other teachers



Moi (All about me.)

Jeux et chanson (Games and songs.)


PSHE- Jigsaw Scheme.

Being Me in My World.

Celebrating Differences.