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Facta Non Verba Action Not Words

Year 2

Year 2 Topics: 2019 - 2020


How we use punctuation and where we use full stops, capital letters, explanation marks, question marks, speech marks and colons. We will learn about using conjunctions and connectives.  How to correctly write using the past and present tense. Identify and use 'bossy verbs' and time connectives. When and how we use proper nouns and paragraphing. How to use a dictionary and how to follow alphabetical order. Understanding and using similes.  Looking at different openings for sentences.  How to use vivid language and compound words. Develop and extend our vocabulary through our topics of study and improve our spelling skills. Developing and using cursive writing. Poetry features looking at alliteration, rhyme and onomatopoeia. We will compare traditional stories and look at stories from a variety of authors. How to write book reviews, follow instructions and record information.  Learn to recall facts and scan text. We will study how to use indexes and glossaries.


Our written tasks will involve narratives, explanations, descriptions, how to make comparisons and to make evaluations. We will work on planning, revising and evaluating our written work.



How to read and order numbers to 20, 100 and 1,000. Recognise and understanding place value and word problems. Recognising and using symbols. Understanding multiplication and division linked to learning the tables. Sorting and organising information in pictograms, block graphs, Venn diagrams and Carroll diagrams. How we classify 2D and 3D shape names and features. Reading the time in analogue and digital.  Learning to identify fractions of shapes and numbers. Using our money skills in addition, subtraction, multiplication and sharing. Looking at capacity, estimating and reading scales.  Comparing weights and reading measures. Direction: clock wise and anti-clock wise. Learning to recognise a right angle and other angles.



Religious Education:

Come and See -The Church and the family. All about Baptism and Confirmation.  The Eucharist and mass.  The story of Christmas and other religious festivals.  Learning about the reason for Lent and Easter.  Pentecost - finding out about all the good news. What is reconciliation - and the reason for rules in the Christian family. Looking at God’s treasures - the World.   Learning about the Patron Saints of countries in the United Kingdom.




Autumn Term:

Studying and learning to understand the similarities and differences between humans and animals and their basic needs for survival.  Discovering how to classify many living things and understand the meaning of variation.


Spring Term:

Identifying plants and bulbs, understanding what they need to grow.  A look at the life cycles of different creatures.


Summer Term: 

A study on the uses and comparisons of materials used every day. People who have invented useful new materials.




Autumn Term: 

Studying famous people including Mary Seacole and Rosa Parkes.  WW2 Remembrance.  Guy Fawkes.


Spring Term:

A study on the Great Fire of London and how it changed London .

Studying famous people including Louis Braille.  Alexander Graham Bell.


Summer Term:

Studying famous people including Neil Armstrong, Grace Darling, the Montgolfier Brothers and the Wright Brothers.


Additionally, throughout the year, significant events, people and places locally e.g. Remembrance Sunday, School Time Capsule, local festivals and anniversaries will be covered.




Throughout the year we will look at maps, diagrams, globes and aerial photographs. We will study the countries that make up the United Kingdom and compare life in a city to that of life on an Island - Edinburgh and The Isle of Coll. Understanding, discussing and finding human and physical features on maps.  How to use an Atlas. Barnaby Bear in Norway and Ireland. Looking at local features, collecting, recording and learning to be aware of our surrounding areas.



Throughout the year we will study:


Observations - drawings, paintings and collage.  Looking at the artists Mondrian, Monet, Turner, O’Keefe, and other artists. How to use a variety of tools and materials to produce three dimensional arts. Card making and gift making for special occasions.


Craft, Design and Technology:


Throughout the year we will study:


Mask making. Hot air balloon designs and model making. Sewing for a purpose. Food technology - making a healthy option. Making useful gifts for special occasions.





New Beginnings and Getting on.

Going for Goals and Good to be Me.

Relationships and Changes.