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St Mary's Hare Park Primary School and Nursery

Facta Non Verba Action Not Words

Year 4

Dear Year 4 Parents,


Welcome to the new academic year.



The Literacy programme studied by the children will continue to revise and expand on the basic principles of grammar. There will be an emphasis on dictionary skills and vocabulary. The children will also be given regular opportunity to practise their comprehension skills. Children will need to continue answering comprehension questions in full, detailed sentences. Creative writing activities will focus on both fiction and non-fiction texts, exploring a range of genres, which will consolidate pupils’ understanding of the planning and structuring skills required to write stories etc. Spellings are given out and tested weekly.  This will usually take place on a Friday. The children will be given the opportunity to read regularly at school. Your cooperation would be greatly appreciated by listening to your child read at home as much as possible and for you to note the page number in his/her diary and sign.


The Mathematics programme will enable the children to continue to practise the times tables (with corresponding division facts) and mental maths activities. This will also consolidate and develop the children’s understanding of place value, shape, time, money, measurement, direction, fractions and decimals, handling data and the four basic mathematical concepts. In addition the children will complete problem-solving activities and undertake mathematical investigations.



The Science programme will cover a broad range of topics including:


autumn: Sound and Electricity

spring: States of Matter. Animals including Humans (Digestion and Food Chains).

summer: Living Things (Group Classification and Local Environment Study).


These topics will involve some practical experiments and investigations.


The Religious Education programme will be based on the ‘Come and See’ scheme of work.  We will, during the year, find out about some other major festivals and faiths.



autumn: Ancient Greece; Local study - Romford and Havering

spring:  Roman Britain



summer; Europe


Physical Education  is taught by specialist Coaches

autumn:   Wednesday and Thursday

spring and summer: 2 PE lessons (Wednesday and Thursday)


Music is taught by a Specialist Teacher.


Computing is taught by a Specialist Teacher.


Modern Foreign Languages: pupils are given the opportunity to gain an understanding of the French language. They are taught French by their Class Teacher. 


Homework will still be given daily alternating between Maths and English.  This will consolidate their learning from the classroom.  The children are encouraged to research any of the topics already listed during the year, as it is relevant.


Please could you help us by ensuring that the children have all the essential equipment. The children will need to have:


2 inexpensive fountain pens with blue, washable ink cartridges

2 pencils

1 15 cm ruler

1 30 cm ruler

1 eraser

1 sharpener

1 glue stick

1 packet of colouring pencils

1 packet of felt tip pens (just small packets please of about 10 or 12 pens/pencils).

protractor (summer term)


The children will be encouraged to be responsible for their possessions and the general organisation of their daily kit (and musical instruments, if applicable). It would be a great help if you could ensure that all items are named.


We look forward to meeting you at parent’s evening but please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any concerns or need any further information. We look forward to us working together to make this an enjoyable and productive year for the children.  Thank you for your hard work and co-operation in assisting to make Year 4 enjoyable for the children.