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St Mary's Hare Park Primary School and Nursery

Facta Non Verba Action Not Words

Year 5

2020 - 2021 Curriculum Topics:



Ongoing throughout the year: Reading both Personal and Guided Reading. Comprehension. Spellings to learn for a weekly test Grammar skills. Investigating genres of text. Writing using a range of genres. Daily homework.

Autumn Term: Myths and Legends - King Arthur; The Railway Children.

Spring Term: Other Cultures and traditions; Modern Fiction.

Summer Term: Rivers; North Pole.



Covering: Place value. Ratio and proportion. Number skills, positive and negative numbers. Fractions, decimals and percentages. Calculations including long division and multiplication.  Problem solving.  Investigative activities.  Shape and space work.  Data handling, conversion graphs. Basic algebra.  Calculator skills. Weekly Mental Maths test. Daily Homework.  Measures, conversion of measures, metric and imperial.



Autumn Term: Earth and Space; Forces.

Spring Term: Materials.

Summer Term: Animals and Humans/Life Cycles and Reproduction


Religious EducationCome and See scheme

Autumn Term: 

Family (Ourselves); Baptism (Life Choices); Advent/Christmas (Hope)

Spring Term:  

Local Church (Mission); Eucharist (Memorial Sacrifice); Lent/Easter (Sacrifice)

Summer Term: 

Pentecost (Transformation); Reconciliation (Freedom and Responsibility); Universal Church (Stewardship).


Humanities (Geography and History):

Autumn Term: Anglo Saxons

Spring Term: Kingdom of Benin

Summer Term: Water Cycle/Pollution.  Compare and contrast countries.



Art/Design Technology

Autumn Term: Weaving; William Morris.

Spring Term: Art from other cultures. Blossoming Out..

Summer Term: Mapping it out. Kandinsky 3D and Inuit art.



Computing, Music and Speech and Drama  are taught by specialist teachers.


Physical Education is taught by Specialist Coaches.


Modern Foreign Languages: pupils are given the opportunity to gain an understanding of the French language.